Welcome To Our CommunityNew Broadview Manor

Welcome To Our CommunityNew Broadview Manor

New Broadview Manor is a beautiful 200-bed assisted living facility located on Staten Island, just steps away from the beach. With ocean views and a wide range of onsite care services tailored to each resident's needs, New Broadview has been a reliable staple in the Staten Island community. We offer individualized care, a family-like environment, and recreational programs to ensure residents feel safe, independent, and active when living at home is no longer an option.

  • Expert medical care
  • 24-hour support staff
  • Nutritious, cooked meals
  • Housekeeping services
  • Recreational activities
Hodaya Brick
Administrator, New Broadview

Start a better life

We preserve the dignity of our residents by respecting their independence and individuality by providing discreet and reliable support.

We nurture our residents’ minds, bodies, and spirits by taking care of their needs, providing opportunities for social interaction, and offering a wide range of programs and activities based on individual preferences.

We celebrate individuality by recognizing and listening to the personal preferences of each resident. We get to know each resident better through daily interactions and create service care plans based on unique requirements, characteristics, and preferences.

Upon admission, residents are either enrolled in our ALP program or Managed Long-Term Care Plan to ensure the highest standard of care.

Our Process,
Always Quick and Easy

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    Our team will walk you through everything you need for the pre-screening interview

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    Submit the necessary admission documents

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    Move In

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